How COVID-19 Has Affected All Of Us

Author: Great Start Canada Immigration & Education Consulting Inc. | | Categories: Canada Student Immigration , Canada Student Visa , Immigrate To Winnipeg


COVID significantly changed the way that businesses and companies were working. With the initial nationwide lockdowns, people had to stay home and only head out if they had to, remote working was catching up with companies, businesses were not doing too well, and they were not sure what they were going to do to catch up. For companies working in immigration, we had a lot more issues as world Governments, to prevent the spread of the virus, immediately began shutting borders and making travel a lot tougher, which was making our jobs a lot more challenging.

When it comes to the next six months, we foresee a lot of people delaying their plans to study or immigrate to Canada due to the uncertainty. Most do not want to spend money when they are not sure about the future. On one side, they are not even sure about getting the job they are looking for, and on the other, the tuition fees colleges were charging are a lot higher so moving for education did not seem like the best idea, at the moment.

We have limited in-person meetings with the new rules put out, but we are open to communicating with our clients over the phone and through as many other mediums as they are open to. Obviously, with the pandemic, we have been handling the vast majority of our consultations via Zoom. However, based on what is convenient for them, we are open to using other platforms as well. Online meetings are not as personal, but still efficient, and they assist with some progress over waiting for an in-person meeting.

While we initially started working remotely, without much choice as those were the rules that were put out by the Government, we soon made changes and started heading to the office whenever we needed a break from working at home. Working at home came with challenges and a fair amount of distractions that we were not too happy about. Currently, we are looking for a balance between working from home and the office. Our office is not very large, so when we are working from the office, we make sure we have only two people inside at a time. We coordinate our meetings to make sure the right number of people show up and don’t have to wait in the waiting room. Additionally, we keep sanitizing all public areas, providing sanitizing to all clients entering the offices and enforcing the use of mouth covers.

We did not make any changes to the number of hours we spend working as we are working on catching up on the hours that we missed during the lockdown and when we did not have enough work. When it comes to meetings, communication and storing our clients’ data and information, we make sure we use Clio, which is a secure platform to share confidential data.

Furthermore, we are open to meeting our clients in-person, if they want to meet up. Otherwise, we handle our meetings remotely. We would also like to take part in more virtual public events and business Expos whenever they come up.

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