The Future Of Canada’s Immigration Plan

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2020 was a challenging year for many countries, including Canada. To cope with the circumstances and protect citizens, the government issued orders under the Quarantine Act restricting travel to and from Canada. The order issued allowed only Canadian citizens and permanent residents, their families, and a restricted group of essential workers to travel to the country.

While necessary, this order led to negative effects for both individuals who wanted to immigrate to Canada and the Canadian economy. The growth of the Canadian economy is dependent on the influx of foreign labor to a large degree. Without it, businesses throughout the country suffer.

Fortunately, the Canadian government isn’t going to continue with this restriction. It will instead increase the number of immigrants it accepts. So, qualified candidates will be able to reach their goal of immigrating to Canada in 2021.

Despite the rising demand for qualified people, individuals planning to immigrate to Canada will still require professional advice and representation due to constant changes in immigration laws and procedures. This will mean more business for us, which makes it a positive difference for our industry.

In October last year, Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino announced a new multi-year level plan that sees Canada welcoming 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, the most significant number of new Canadians in history. We hope to help meet this target as there are many individuals with incredible talent out there looking for better opportunities to improve their lives.

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