Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying To Immigrate To Canada

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While most companies struggled to get through during the pandemic, the process was exceptionally challenging for companies connected to traveling and immigration. With the onset of the Coronavirus, most people were not meeting one another anymore. People were spending their time indoors with the new work from home mandates which made much of the work generally handled quite challenging. People did not want to leave their homes because there were chances that they could catch the Coronavirus. At the same time, they increased travel restrictions as most countries were working on controlling the spread of the virus.

People who started working on their processes of moving from one country to another had most of their paperwork in place and had to wait for everything to be processed so they could get through the process. There was a lot of the work we could coordinate remotely, but there were various aspects that we had to do in person. Additionally, they implemented multiple rules, but there were long wait times because of a bottleneck in the process, and everyone was waiting for an update.

We interact with a lot of people who prefer getting through the entire process themselves. Many believe they would save some time and money getting through it themselves. However, having done this as many times as we have, we learned that they would spend more time because if there was an error, they would have to redo the entire process and start from the beginning. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make.

1. Using an unregulated immigration consultant
The first mistake customers make when applying in a migration process in Canada is not using a regulated consultant. Even though it is possible to get through the migration process alone, the process is complex and often requires a certified consultant to help navigate all the immigration processes. It’s important to choose wisely because many fraudulent consultants and copycat agencies could dupe you. Only consultants regulated by the ICCRC may legally provide immigration services and handle your immigration application.

2. Failing to set aside enough budget
The cost of moving to a different country is not cheap, there are two ways you can prepare for all the moving costs. One is to do good research in advance and find the best deals, or have flexible finances so you can source the costs.

3. Relying on unverified sources or word of mouth information
The things that worked for your friends and family may not work for you. Every application is unique, and making decisions based on the information you hear on the internet or from a friend can make your application denied. Always go with a certified consultant that makes a plan that tailors to your specific needs. Talk to multiple people who went through the process the last time around, and they would be able to give you some insight into the process that they followed.

4. Not building a good credit score
Building a good credit score is essential to everyday life in Canada, and most people coming to Canada do not know the impact that the credit score has. The best way to start getting a credit history is through your rent, once you’re settled, go to banks and ask for increased credit score options. Even making your credit card payments on time is an additional step that you can take to improve your credit score. Having proper mortgages paid on time can also be a great blessing.

5. Only socializing with people you’re comfortable with
English may not be your first language, and coming to a new country where people only speak English can be challenging for some people, and finding friends that speak the same language as you are a huge relief. However, staying in the comfort zone of speaking your native language may not benefit you in the long run. The idea to travel to a new country is to make new connections talk to new people, and practice your second language (English/French). Having a strong and meaningful network with people is fundamental in Canada.

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