Top Five Things To Look For In A Licensed Immigration And Education Consulting Agency

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Immigration through the pandemic was quite challenging, especially with all the changes that were taking place globally because of Coronavirus. Most borders were closed or temporarily shut so getting from one place to another was challenging because they were planning on restraining and controlling the spread of the Coronavirus for as long as they could. Some countries were working on reducing the number of sick people with the virus and wanted to make sure that they had the correct number of people keeping it in check.

Through our conversations with some clients we were dealing with, we learned that most of them planned on coordinating with the most convenient team they could find. Additionally, most of the people we were coordinating and interacting with would barely do any research about the work the previous company did and settle on the fastest one they found.

Here are some of the pointers we documented to assist with finding the best immigration consulting company out there. We thought most people could go through the process and plan how they wanted to take it forward. We created the pointers that we would get through if we were picking someone to assist with the immigration process. 

1. Pick a documented and regulated option
The process of immigration could be complicated and confusing. First and foremost it is advisable to always work with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who has completed an immigration consultant diploma program and is a member of good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). You can always check their credentials on the ICCRC website. You should also not hold back when it comes to getting the rest of the information from the team going through the process.

2. Always ask for references
When hiring someone, sometimes some aspects got overlooked, especially the part about checking for references, but they should not be skipped. Ask the immigration consultant for two or three references. Talking to previous or current clients will give you an overall idea of how professional it is to work with them. You would also understand how competent they are and if there are any challenges with the work they handle. Some options are great at the work they handle, but might not be the best to deal with, so you want that information from the get-go to be better equipped in getting through the process.

3. Ask questions
When you have your initial consultation (the standard is 60 minutes), make sure that you have a list of questions prepared to ask the consultants, ahead of time. While asking such a question might seem basic, many people don’t have questions already prepared and at the time of the consultation, don’t know what to ask. They later come up with questions that weren’t covered in the consultation. Your consultant will answer every question you have in the initial consultation. You should ask all the questions you think are connected to the process. Do not hold back, and make sure you have asked for and provided all the information needed to get through.

4. Be aware of fraud
Using a representative will not draw special attention to your application or guarantee that it will be processed faster or approved. Never let your representative lie or encourage you to give false information to make the application easy, it is illegal and your application can be denied, or you can be deported after arrival. Even if the team you are planning on working with suggests making a change or misrepresenting any information, that should be a red flag for you to work with someone else.

5. The consultant must have a clear and well-defined fee structure
Transparency of the fee structure is another factor that you should consider when ensuring the reliability of a consultant. If your consultant does not clear his fee structure at the start of the project, you will later be surprised with additional charges for additional services. A good consultant always makes sure that his clients know about his fee and which services are chargeable. Another awkward question that is not always handled and comes back to haunt the client. They should bring up the specifics right at the beginning so they would be in a better position to get through the process.

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