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The goal of the Employment Advisor at Great Start Canada is to support and prepare you according to your needs and goals to enter the labor market in a faster and more efficient way.

Our Employment Advisor, Nestor Santos, has years of experience preparing and guiding people to achieve their employment goals in Canada.

Our model is based on three points to achieve your goals:

  1. Preparation
  2. Simulation
  3. Feedback

Modules can be purchased individually according to your needs.
(subject to change due to evaluation at the time of payment)

We offer the following Modules:

  1. ESSENTIAL (CAD $175)
  2. ADVANCED (CAD $175)
    • About Nestor

    Nestor Santos is the Employment Coach of Great Start Canada. Nestor has lived in Canada for 32 years, he has over 25 years of experience in administration, sales, management and social services.

    His diploma as a Community Support Worker has allowed him to work with a variety of organizations and assist people of various cultures and backgrounds. Nestor has a vast knowledge of the Canadian labour market and has helped numerous newcomers become successful in securing employment. During his spare time, Nestor enjoys spending time with his family, he is a father of two beautiful little girls, playing soccer and listening to music.

    • Terms and Conditions


    • To assist and prepare you for your employment search in the Canadian labour market 
    • Identify your strengths and match them accordingly to your employment search 
    • To provide feedback and answer your questions to the best of our ability 


    • The Client agrees to pay prior to the agreed-upon consultation date and time.
    • This fee is non-refundable in any circumstance.
    • Should the client not arrive on time, no extra time will be added to the end of the consultation.
    • Should the Client not arrive within the first fifteen (15) minutes, this will be considered a “no show” and will be considered forfeited. An additional administrative fee of CAD $50.00 will be applicable should the Client wish to reschedule.


    • This agreement does not oblige the Employment Coach to prepare and type of documents for clients, ie. Resume/cover letter
    • The employment coach shall not provide feedback or review documents submitted before or after sessions, documents will only be reviewed with client during sessions


    • Google meet


    • Client responsible to submit any requested documents or questionnaire prior to session, no time will added to sessions if documents not submitted or completed


    • The employment coach will not provide specific job leads to clients, nor will the employment coach guarantee a job offer after sessions completed

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  • questionnaire
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Promotion - 3 Modules (Most Popular for CAD $400.00) - Savings of CAD $50.00

Only two (2) Modules of your choice CAD $280.00

Individual (1) CAD $175.00




60 minutes session
(Your profile will be completed at 40% to achieve your employment goal in Canada)

CAD$ 175.00
Book & Pay Now

Only credit card payment

Goal: Our Employment Advisor, Nestor Santos, is a trained and experienced professional who has the credentials to guide you and help you meet your employment goals.

What's included?

  • Explanation of the recruitment cycle in Canada (stages and types of works)
  • One-on-one interview with our Employment Advisor (Between 10 and 15 minutes)
  • Resume review: Previously submitted by the customer
  • Set realistic goals according to customer profile
  • Provide with most important job-search pages in Canada
  • Explanation of Canadian Resume (template document is delivered by email at the end of the meeting)
  • Introduction of what it is and how to make a Cover Letter (template document is delivered by email at the end of the meeting)

75 minutes session
(Your profile at 75% to achieve your employment goal in Canada)

CAD$ 175.00
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Only credit card payment

Goal: Review and validate the information submitted by the client in the Resume and Cover Letter, review and use the keywords based on the jobs the client has for goals. Evaluation and comments of our Employment Advisor about your English level.

What's included?

  • Review of Cover Letter (done and preview submitted by the client)
  • Review of Resume (done and preview submitted by the client) 35 minutes
  • Brief conversation in English (Set real job opportunities)
  • Focus on Resume keywords (according to the client's profile)

75 minutes session
(Your profile at 100% ready to start looking for job offer in Canada)

CAD$ 175.00
Book & Pay Now

Only credit card payment

Goal: At the end of the last module, the client will be 100% prepared to look for a real job and interview with employers in Canada | If your level of English and professional experience is sufficient, you can purchase the ultimate module directly.

What's included?

  • One-on-one interview with our Employment Advisor
  • Solve doubts and questions (key words, resume, cover letter, etc.)
  • Real and professional interview simulation (30 minutes)
  • Interview training either online or face-to-face (dress code, what to say and what not to say)
  • LinkedIn profile review ( have to be send it by the customer before the session)
  • Template of Thank you letter and follow-up after real interview