Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the consultation delivered?
  • What If I need to reschedule my consultation?
  • What happens If I am late for my consultation?
  • If I choose to proceed with your representation after the consultation, Do I get a discount?
  • What If I need to cancel my consultation?
  • What happens If I still have questions after the 60-minute consultation?
  • Can I invite another person to my consultation?
  • What information should I have handy during the consultation?
  • What else would you recommend?

The consultation is done via Google Meet video call (clients inside and outside Canada).

Should you need to reschedule your consultation, you can request it at least 48 hours before the time of the original consultation. An administration fee of CAD $ 50.00 applies.

We will only wait for you for 15 minutes. The time missed will not be compensated as we have other clients already scheduled. After 15 minutes is considered a no "show" and the consultation will be considered forfeited.

Yes, the cost of the consultation can be deducted from the balance of professional fees should you wish to proceed within the next 10 calendar days.

Cancellations made will not be reimbursed.

Your consultation includes up to two (2) questions within 24 hours after your consultation to clarify some of the points discussed during the consultation. (no new topics or topics that require further investigation will be answered). You can email your questions to (we reserve the right to limit our answers).

During the consultation, we will talk to the principal applicant and spouse/partner (if applicable). You are welcome to invite someone else to join your consultation and if so, it would be deemed to be an authorization to disclose your personal information to your guest. The consultation is personal. (we would not be able to evaluate your guests' profile, for instance).

You will receive the consultation contract as well as a questionnaire where you can upload your CV/resume. It is always a good idea to have any relevant documents handy such as your CV/resume, language test scores, passport, academic documents, etc.

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