Ben Lopez - Employment advisor

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  • Ben Lopez possesses more than ten years of experience in small business management, from the foundation, to the operation, always working hand in hand with small business owners and private investors.
  • Highly experienced in the talent acquisition and human resources field. Expertise in the finance, trades, IT, and hospitality sector.

During 60 minutes:

  • Will provide, web pages for job hunting
  • Answer, general questions related to the job search
  • Provide guidance, to build a “Canadian resume format”
  • Explains, how to read the listed job offers
  • At the end of the meeting, will suggest earning additional certifications, to improve their professional profile

Special Notes:

  • Success in the job search depends on the effort of the job seeker
  • We are not offering job offers
  • This service does not include any kind of immigration consultation.

Free Resume Template

    • What does the consultation includes

    During the 60 minutes Ben Lopez, Employment Advisor will:

    • Provide web pages for job hunting
    • Answer general questions related to the job search
    • Provide guidance to build a "Canadian resume format"
    • Explains how to read the listed job offers
    • Suggest earning additional certifications to improve your professional profile.
    • Consultation Target

    At the end of the consultation, the job seeker should be capable of:

    • Tailor their resume to a specific job offer
    • Reading the job offers description in detail
    • Handle job application's records
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. How is the consultation delivered?

The consultation is done via Zoom (clients inside and outside Canada).

2. What can I do to get ready for my consultation?

Previous your consultation, you will receive the consultation agreement as well as a questionnaire that must be completed and send back together with all of your inquiries at least 24 hours prior to our meeting,

Prepare your Zoom’s consultation, we recommend you the following steps:

  • Ensure your microphone and speakers or headphones are working properly;
  • Install Zoom, if you don’t have it on your device:;
  • We recommend connecting using a computer or laptop, however, you can also connect using a phone or tablet;
  • Test your equipment by clicking the following link:;
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

At the time of the consultation:

  • Access the Zoom link provided in the consultation confirmation email at least 5 minutes before the established date and time;
  • Indicate your full name upon connection;
  • Install yourself in a quiet area to avoid noise and distractions during the consultation.

3. What happens If I am late for my consultation?

We will only wait for you for 15 minutes. The time missed will not be compensated as we have other clients already scheduled. After 15 minutes is considered a no "show" and the consultation will be considered forfeited.

4. What If I need to reschedule my consultation?

An additional administrative fee of CAD $50.00 will be applicable if you wish to reschedule the consultation.

5. What If I need to cancel my consultation?

Cancellations made will not be reimbursed.

6. If I choose to proceed with your representation after the consultation, Do I get a discount?

Yes, the cost of the consultation can be deducted from the balance of professional fees should you wish to proceed within the next 15 calendar days.

7. How long is the consultation?

Consultation is for one hour, your actual appointment may last more or less than that. The timing will depend on the complexity of your situation and how much information you were able to organize prior to your consultation. Thus, it is to your advantage to come to this meeting fully prepared.

8. What happens If I still have questions after the 60 minute consultation?

You have the option to proceed with our full representation or pay for a second consultation.

9. Can I invite another person to my consultation?

During the consultation, we will talk to the principal applicant and spouse/partner (if applicable). You are welcome to invite someone else to join your consultation and if so, it would be deemed to be an authorization to disclose your personal information to your guest. The consultation is personal. (we would not be able to evaluate your guests' profile, for instance).

10. What information should I have handy during the consultation?

You will receive the consultation agreement as well as a questionnaire where you can upload your CV/resume. It is always a good idea to have any relevant documents handy such as your CV/resume, language test scores, passport, academic documents, etc.

11. What else would you recommend?

Do some basic research and/or read about the different options to find a job in Canada on Canada's official website at