Marlene Contreras - Case Worker

Our Team

Marlene Contreras is one of the administrative assistant at Great Start Canada. She is a lawyer and notary. She is originally from El Salvador but lived in Canada for 10 years. Here she was Consul General of El Salvador in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Vice Consul in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario.

As Consul General, she had the opportunity to work with different types of organizations made up of Salvadoran residents in the cities where she lived in Canada; this job allowed her to be closer to people, know their problems and came up with solutions to solve them. Now, as a new member of the Great Start Canada team, she will be working hand to hand with clients to be able to achieve their goal of living in Canada. In her free time, Marlene likes to spend time with her family and friends, listen to music, watch TV and go shopping.